International Journal of Contemporary Research In Multidisciplinary, 2024;3(1):20-26

COVID-19 and the Resolute Response

Author Name: Arya, C

Paper Type: review paper
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Paper Received on: 2023-11-25
Paper Accepted on: 2024-01-04
Paper Published on: 2024-01-05

An empirical research aims to analyse the responses of getting vaccinated among the villagers of Kolachery Grama Panchayat in Kerala. At the time of fieldwork, systematic case studies were conducted according to the anticipated research design and it is revealed from the study that, in a time of COVID-19 related distress, villagers worked together and the Government had a successful history of experience during the vaccination drive among the village population. Above all, one’s own thinking, feeling and choosing was important to make a decision, so most of them understood that every family was vaccinated at the earliest since people could still be the carriers of virus variants. The emergency was the same for everyone and most of the individuals in the Panchayat had tested positive after their first dose of vaccination.


Empirical Research, Case Study, Vaccination Drive, Emergency


The whole world was working on a battle footing to find a vaccine during the COVID period. There was no substitute for testing, tracking, and treatment while directing all necessary measures. There were many pictures and videos where people were either lax or had stopped being careful. By and large, COVID-19 has led humanity to a successful experience in integrating technology. The CoWIN portal application was a key to vaccination efforts. The government had a successful history of experience in integrating inclusive service delivery during the pandemic. The government had advanced the national injunctions for COVID-19 regulations including face masks, physical distancing, not spitting in open spaces, virtual workspace at home, devastating of job or business timetables, sequestering, and repeated sanitation. The arrangement to inflict or allay restrictions had to be based on an examination of the ground circumstances. The Government had likewise framed a “five-fold master plan for efficacious administration of COVID-19” measure, route, conduct, immunize and compliance with COVID-19 appropriate decorum. The master plan had emphasised that COVID-19 regulation could be successful exclusively across an entire preparedness of government and full blown of society approach. Stressing productive regulation of COVID-19 by following the five-fold strategy had observed dealings on the negligence of COVID-19 treaties in different locations. Shaking hands, embracing each other, and crowding were avoided and there was a need to prepare for the consecutive waves. In a time of COVID-19-related distress, it was the time for everyone to work as a team and the decision was taken by the LSG owing to the pandemic situation and the efforts of the government in tackling it. The police had been on the avant-garde in the combat against COVID-19 in Kerala. Every family needed to be vaccinated at the earliest since people could still be the carriers of virus variants. People of Kolachery Panchayat have now resumed their work. The stamping out on life transportability, getting together, and management of retail business outlets would be three-way confining. The neighborhoods were witnessing an irremediable high rise in disease transmission. Populaces had to remain cloistered indoors and ventured out only to purchase edibles and medicines from local shops. The State government was strained to control public life rigorously to reduce deaths and hospitalizations. The frequent lockdowns would overwhelm livelihoods. The LSG distributed complimentary food kits to the whole population in addition to migrant workers to make sure none starved. Community kitchens and reasonably priced hotels would also provide food for needy people. The government would assist Anganwadi workers besides Kudumbasree units and also had a hold on the last date for handing over land, tourism tax, monthly rent for rental buildings, and fees for various licenses. Motorcycle monitoring would wipe locality from encountering pandemic code violations. The distribution of the first dose of vaccination ended on September 16, 2021, in the Panchayat had covered almost all those aged above 18 with the minimum single dose of COVID-19 injection.

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