International Journal of Contemporary Research In Multidisciplinary, 2024;3(1):150-151

Antyodaya Plan: Understanding and Characteristics

Author Name: Shabir Ahmad Lone, and Zafarullah Rashid

Paper Type: review paper
Article Information
Paper Received on: 2024-01-17
Paper Accepted on: 2024-02-16
Paper Published on: 2024-02-18

Over 50,000 villages nationwide have adopted Mission Antyodaya, which has had a substantial positive impact on lowering poverty, enhancing access to essential services, and encouraging equitable growth. However, the initiative has a number of difficulties, including insufficient finance, a lack of efficient monitoring procedures, and opposition from firmly established power structures. For the program to be successful and to make sure that the most marginalized groups in society receive the benefits of development, these issues must be resolved.


Poverty, Inadequate Funding, Development, Society

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Shabir Ahmad Lone, and Zafarullah Rashid. Antyodaya Plan: Understanding and Characteristics. International Journal of Contemporary Research in Multidisciplinary. 2024: 3(1):150-151

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