International Journal of Contemporary Research In Multidisciplinary, 2024;3(1):77-84

Salinity Impact on Plant Growth-A Review

Author Name: Zakir Hussain Malik, and R Somasundaram


This comprehensive review explores the growing concern about salinity in arable land and its adverse effects on plant growth. The introduction highlights the challenges in defining saline soils and emphasizes the impact of salinity on agricultural production. The types of salinity, including primary and secondary salinity, are discussed, with a focus on natural and anthropogenic causes. The review delves into the effects of salinity on plant growth, covering aspects such as reduction in osmotic potential, soil structure deterioration, and ion concentration. Various types of salinization, including those induced by deforestation, seawater intrusion, point sources, chemical contamination, and overgrazing, are explored. Salinity's impact on abiotic stress conditions like drought, chilling, freezing, and high temperatures is examined. The review also details the effects of salinity on photosynthesis and the reduction of CO2 supply due to stomatal closure. The complex relationship between salinity and environmental factors, such as soil, water, and climate, is discussed, highlighting the importance of understanding these interactions for accurate salt tolerance assessments. The role of glycophytes and halophytes in responding to salt stress is explored, emphasizing their mechanisms for osmotic and ionic stress tolerance. The relationship between salinity and environmental factors is discussed, emphasizing the need for a fundamental understanding of these interactions for accurate salt tolerance assessments. The review concludes with a discussion on strategies for controlling salinity in agricultural production. Farm management practices, fertilization, and leaching are proposed as methods to mitigate salinity issues. The importance of developing salt-tolerant crop genotypes through plant-breeding strategies is also highlighted, with a cautionary note about the potential risk of neglecting efforts to prevent or reclaim saline areas. Overall, the review provides a comprehensive overview of salinity in arable land, covering its causes, effects on plants, and potential mitigation strategies.


Salinity, plant growth, agriculture, soil structure deterioration, ion concentration

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