International Journal of Contemporary Research In Multidisciplinary, 2024;3(1):01-08

A Study on Implementing Mother Tongue as the Medium of Instruction at Primary Level under NEP-2020 in Arunachal Pradesh

Author Name: Hage Yaja and Sandip Sinha


The present study is an attempt to understand the scope of implementing mother tongue as the medium of instruction at primary level of education system in Pasighat Educational Block under East Siang District of Arunachal Pradesh. Mother tongue based multilingual-education positively promotes toward educational foundation to enhance the child’s language, culture and context. Further, the study approached with a descriptive method of research and surveyed fifteen primary schools by collecting data through a self-designed questionnaire and in-depth semi-structured interviews seeking response from school administration, teachers and parents through simple random sampling method. The study emphasizes to understand the issues faced by both students and teachers in fruitful communication and the study results revealed that lack of understanding of parents, heterogeneity, dominance of traditional English medium teaching process, lack of resources and infrastructure, shortage of labor are the prime factors opposing implementing mother tongue as medium of instruction. Parents should be motivated and encouraged to stress on their own native language as first option for their children, teachers and school practitioners should pay attention to students’ attitude towards medium of instruction for better academic performance, administrators should prepare for a concrete design facilitating with enough resources.


Mother Tongue, Medium of Instruction, Primary Education, Teaching-Learning Outcome, Holistic Development

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