International Journal of Contemporary Research In Multidisciplinary, 2023;2(5):51-57

Edith Stein on the Problem of Empathy: A Critique

Author : Judith Gure Gwatana


In Steins' mind, the problem with empathy is one of meaning and structure. The concept's enigma is characterized by its historical comprehension as well as other sensory acts, which Stein feels are insufficient. Embarking on the challenge of phenomenologically articulating and categorizing what should comprise empathy and an empathic act, she establishes the distinctive meaning of and reference to empathy. Stein successfully tells us what empathy is not but leaves us still with some wonder as to how it should be appropriated in every day’s existence. This systematic breakdown of Stein’s concept of empathy brings to our full comprehension what the phenomenology of empathy means for Stein and points out the lacuna in her explication through an analytical method.


Empathy, Existence, Phenomenology, Edith, Stein