International Journal of Contemporary Research In Multidisciplinary, 2023;2(5):29-33

Anatomopathological characteristics of adenocarcinomas colorectal diseases and their correlation with survival

Author : Fatiha Atif


Introduction : Colorectal cancer (CRC) is a common neoplasia, with an increasing incidence worldwide and in Algeria. It is a complex disease that develops over several stages and the acquisition of new anatomopathological notions will allow a better therapeutic approach.

Objective : This article provides information on the characteristics of the tumor by identifying the anatomopathological parameters and their correlation with survival in patients with colorectal adenocarcinomas.

Methods : The retrospective study included 280 locally advanced or metastatic CRC patients collected in medical oncology over a 6-year period from January 2011 to December 2016.

Results : The univariate analysis retained among the factors studied with statistical significance, the location of the tumor, its mode of revelation, the grade of the adenocarcinoma, the histological subtype, the venous or lymphatic vascular emboli, and finally the degree of proliferation. In multivariate analysis only the grade, the venous or lymphatic vascular emboli and the histological subtype were retained.

Discussion : The role of the pathologist in the diagnosis of CRC is essential in different ways and the anatomopathological study of these tumors provides information on several parameters which are of paramount importance for the clinician. Some of them have a pejorative impact on survival. Thus, their knowledge makes it possible to sort patients at low risk of recurrence with others belonging to an aggressive category of cancer and at high risk of recurrence. This allows the use of the most appropriate therapeutic strategy.

Conclusion : The identification of anatomopathological factors is of great use for therapists because it conditions the therapeutic choice of patients with CRC within the framework of a multidisciplinary decision for better management in our country.


Adenocarcinoma, colorectal cancer, pathology, survival.