International Journal of Contemporary Research In Multidisciplinary, 2023;2(5):05-09

Epidemiological Features of Nasopharynx Carcinoma

Author : Dr. Fatiha Atif


Introduction: Nasopharyngeal cancers (NPC) constitute in Algeria the first ORL cancer in women and the second in men affecting young patients. They are distinguished by their particular geographical distribution and their multifactorial etiology.

Objective: Determine the epidemiological characteristics of NPC and their impact on survival.

Methods: The retrospective study, conducted at the Pierre and Marie Curie Center in Algiers, spanned a period of eight years (January 2008 - December 2015) studying the incidence, type of habitat, habits, age, sex, family history , viral serology and HLA typing.

Results: NPC occupied the sixth localization by cancer and the first predominant ORL in the East of the country. Familial neoplasias, consumption of dried-salted meats and tobacco-alcohol were rare. The man prevailed with an average age of 38. The viral serology was positive and HLA B genes exposed to the risk.

Discussion: NPC represents in North Africa 2.1% of cancers fluctuating in Algeria between 4th and 10th place. The high incidence in the east of the country was explained by the overpopulation of the region. The sex ratio and bimodal distribution approximated those described in intermediate-risk countries. The consumption of El keddid, was rare by the change in eating habits, that of alcohol and tobacco, did not influence the occurrence of CNP. 9.35% of familial NPC suggested a genetic predisposition as demonstrated in the literature. The HLA B genes associated with NPC differed from those reported in the literature. The viral kinetics varied according to the clinical stage and the treatment joining the literature.

Conclusion: Among the factors studied, only age and sex had an impact on the survival of our patients. To verify the involvement of other factors, further studies would be desirable.


Carcinoma, Epidemiology, Factor, Nasopharynx, Survival