International Journal of Contemporary Research In Multidisciplinary, 2024;3(2):102-110

Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development: Exploring the Relationship in the Moroccan Context through an Econometric Study

Author Name: FERROUD Abderrahim and, DABNICHI Youness


Entrepreneurship and sustainable development are significantly interconnected, as entrepreneurs play a crucial role in creating innovative solutions that address economic, social and environmental challenges. Sustainable businesses seek to balance financial profitability with social and environmental responsibility. This often involves adopting ethical business practices, reducing the environmental footprint, and promoting social well-being. In the Moroccan context, there are a number of opportunities and challenges. Morocco, as a developing country, can benefit from sustainable entrepreneurship to stimulate economic growth while addressing issues such as poverty, access to education and natural resource management. Sectors such as renewable energy, sustainable tourism and environmentally friendly agriculture offer opportunities for sustainable entrepreneurship. However, persistent challenges, such as access to finance, entrepreneurial training, and awareness of sustainable practices, can hinder the full potential of sustainable entrepreneurship in Morocco. Collaborative efforts between government, the private sector and civil society can play a key role in creating an environment conducive to sustainable entrepreneurship and fostering inclusive and environmentally friendly economic development.


entrepreneurship, economic challenges, social challenges, environmental challenges, sustainable development, Morocco

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