International Journal of Contemporary Research In Multidisciplinary, 2024;3(2):69-72

The Lower Extremities and Their Relationship to Speed Strength and Some Basic Skills in Futsal for Female Students

Author Name: Dr. Rasool Mohi Shamkhi Alfartosy, and Dr. Marwa Abduljabbar Aboob


The game of football is a game of changing playing situations because it is a team game and it is very popular across countries. The player practicing this game must be a skilled player and have a very high physical ability in order to be able to practice it because it has a very strong physical and skill nature compared to other games. The researchers noticed that there was a defect in some of the basic skills of futsal football due to their weak speed or lack of interest in this ability on the part of the coaches of the futsal team for female students at the University of Karbala. The aim of the current research is to know the relationship between the lower extremities and quick strength and also to know the relationship between quick power and some soccer skills in futsal for the Karbala University team, as well as to identify the relationship between the lower extremities and quick power for some basic skills in futsal for female students. The researchers used the descriptive approach to suit the nature of the research problem at hand. The tests presented were conducted on a sample of female students of the University of Karbala football team in the futsal of the student activities season prepared by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research—student activities for the year 2024—who numbered nine female students.


Lower extremities speed and futsal, football skills, Iraqi universities

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