International Journal of Contemporary Research In Multidisciplinary, 2024;3(2):63-66

The Effect of Lactic Acid Training On Some Physical and Biochemical Abilities of 400-Meter Hurdlers

Author Name: Bilal Ismail Taher Al Nuaimi


The goal of the article study: to establish the influence of lactic acid. Training The subject of the physical conditions in some places where people live might have seemed less worthy of such attention and biochemical abilities of 400-meter steeplechase athletes. As for the article hypothesis, there is an effect of lactic acid training on some of the physical and biochemical abilities of 400-meter steeplechase athletes. As for the article methodology, it was represented by using An experimental study design with two comparable groups was used. The intervention group underwent three training sessions per week, each lasting six weeks, involving tactical exercises, while the control group used the exercises prepared by the coach. The Army Club players for the 400-meter hurdles event, who numbered 6 players and were selected according to the method, represented the article community. The article used the statistical program SPSS to extract his results. The most important conclusions reached by the article are: The goal of the article study was to determine how lactation training affects certain physical and biochemical skills of 400-meter hurdles athletes. The experimental technique was used with two equal groups to reflect the article methodology. For six weeks, the experimental group performed lactic exercises created by three training modules; in the meantime, the placebo group took part in workout routines. created by the trainer. The article used the statistical tool SPSS to retrieve his results, but the most important findings were:

  1. A clear increase in the amounts of explosive ability and strength characterized by speed of the legs.
  2. High levels of testosterone.
  3. High CPK rate

Based on the results and findings, the article suggests the following recommendations.

It is necessary to use lactic exercises in 400-meter hurdles training, as they operate with the same energy system prevailing in the event.


Lactic Acid Training, Biochemical and Abilities

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