International Journal of Contemporary Research In Multidisciplinary, 2022;1(1):09-15

Incorporations as Mobility Technique in Selected Novels of Alain Mabanckou

Author: Otegbale Edirin Sylvester and Dr. Iyiola Amos
Paper Type: research_paper
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  • Paper Received on: 2022-11-23
  • Paper Accepted on: 2022-11-28
  • Paper Revised on:
  • Paper Published on: 2022-12-04

Mobility techniques are specialized patterns for the progressive presentation of thematic concerns in literary texts common to all writers, including Mabanckou. Previous studies on the novels of Mabanckou have investigated the styles employed in presenting thematic concerns, stances on literary debates, and socio-cultural mystical African beliefs, with less attention paid to text technicality. This study was therefore designed to examine incorporation as a mobility technique in Verre Cassé, Black Bazar, and Le sanglot de l’homme noir with a view to determining the nexus of textual technicalities and messages. Arnold’s theory of foregrounding and Rom’s theory of positioning are adopted as methodologies with close reading. Personal life experiences such as sexuality and infidelity, sexual partner preference, exodus and repatriation, writers’ thematic movement, philosophical, political, and religious popular statements underlining dictatorship, corruption, religious manipulation, and leadership intolerance to public criticism are underlined in Verre Cassé. Black Bazar emphasizes Western insincerity and misinformation, African oppression and passivity, the importance of actions over words, the importance of procreation and the role of men, and the need for a united Africa. African languages as sources of inspiration for African writers, the objectification of European languages, and the dilemma of writers in their usage are captured in Le sanglot de l’homme noir. Incorporations, whether literary or non-literary, aid in fluid movement and the foregrounding of specific thematic concerns in the form of assimilation and inclusion to give depth to ideas, accentuate specific thematically concerns, and condense popular ideologies in the rereading of texts.


Mobility, Technique, Incorporation, Alain Mabanckou.






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